Tips to write a professional marketing resume

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Tips to write a professional marketing resume

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If you want to get hired for a marketing role, you have to make sure your resume completely stands out from the rest, because the hiring manager is busy and frustrated from reviewing resumes with the same qualifications. 

Here are 5 simple tips to improve your marketing resume and increase your chances of getting hired.

Use a striking template

There are quite a high chances that your hiring manager is drowning in the boredom of reviewing dozens of resumes that all look similar. If your experience isn’t absolutely perfectly aligned with the role, you can still attract employers by using a striking resume format.

Some design elements to keep in mind while framing the marketing resume:

  • Use of color – Don’t go over the top; the main text of the resume should be obviously black. But in the marketing industry, a little color (keep it refined) is still better than a strict black and white document. But make sure you use a subtle color without overpowering the content of the resume. 
  • Use of fonts – Different fonts for headings and body text improves readability and give a uniform look to the resume. Search for some modern fonts and their suitable size for the document.  
  • A two-column design – This design technique can help you showcase more information on the page without things looking too confined. Moreover, it makes the content easier to read. 

Add a compelling summary

Other than an engaging cover letter, it is always better to have a compelling summary of your work experience on the top of the resume. Add a sentence or two at the top, right under your contact information, that summarizes who you are and what you’re looking for in the next chapter of your career.

For example; a good resume summary can sound like “Self-motivated Digital Marketer with six years’ experience, powerful analytical skills, and a belief in the power of strategic marketing campaigns.” Did you see how crisp and concise that self-introduction sounded?

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Sharpen up your skills section

Most resumes include a section that lists your skill sets, but honestly, there are plenty of marketing resumes where the same skillsets are mentioned. Expertise in analytics is pretty much a bare minimum skill for any marketing job, so you have to think of something better than that.

But firstly, make sure the skills you are adding have relevance to the marketing job you’re applying for. Always remember to go through the job description carefully and add the role in your resume title. As you know some companies use screening software, meaning if your resume doesn’t include certain keywords, it won’t make it to the recruiter’s eyes.

In the marketing industry, hiring managers are going to be looking for two things mainly:

Proficiency in specific channels/techniques

List channel-specific marketing skills you possess, such as PPC, content marketing, lead generation, strategic thinking, web design, data visualization, etc. Again, make sure you include the skills required in the job description specifically needed for that role. You can add other marketing skills too; you never know what additional skills might impress the recruiter.

Knowledge of specific tools or platforms

List all the tools/software that you have worked with to accomplish data (SEO tools, PPC platforms, email marketing tools, video or design tools, etc.). Make sure you check the job description to see if they’re looking for a candidate who has experience with any specific platforms or tools, such as Google AdWords or Adobe Photoshop.

You can also mention additional marketing certifications other than your degree. Or any awards you received working in the marketing industry.

Quantify your achievements

Your value as a marketer is measured by what you bring to the table. It can be anything like increasing sales, brand awareness, customer interest, and engagement. When writing your resume, don’t simply tell the hiring manager that you were in charge of campaigns to increase brand awareness, generate new clients, or increase likes and followers on social media. Show your work in numbers, how your hard work generated profits, social media followers, brand awareness, etc.

Let’s take an example: 

  • Increased followers and engagement on social media by 150% on average (Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin), resulting in 10 lakhs in increased sales.

Marketing in today’s time requires intimate knowledge of social media platforms. Increasing followers means greater brand awareness, potential sales, discussion, and growth. If you can put a number to your social media efforts, your resume will have an extra added bonus.

Get assessment

Everything looks nice and perfect on paper. But the real test is when it comes to the competition. Even if you have been in the industry for a long time or have written quite a few resumes in your career, one can never be entirely sure of the content. It is always advisable to get feedback from your friends or colleagues for your job application.

And if you want something more professional, getting expert help is the best idea. Upload your resume on InspiredResume to receive a detailed assessment of your resume from the industry experts. Taking advice from an experienced professional can give you an edge over your peers. 


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