About Us

Picture this. You are looking at a few job descriptions, like a particular job and you want to apply for it. So, you pull out your resume and your first reaction is 'oh, this could have been better'.

One's resume is a mirror to one's professional life. It's what summarises what one has achieved in one's career. It's the first document a recruiting manager sees before deciding whether to pick up the phone and have a call or not. Needless to say, your resume should be as good as the best presentation you have ever made.

But, how do you decide how to make it better?

Two people who have spent a lot of time during their work life looking at resumes while hiring for their teams felt that if only the job seekers knew how to make their resumes better, they would get a lot more interview calls. This is what led to the making of InspiredResume. A tool with which you can get expert feedback on your resume in just a few hours. And it's free.

InspiredResume is a product of 64Inspired Consulting, a brand and marketing advisory firm that works with companies, both B2C and B2B, on their go-to-market and growth strategies.