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Get expert feedback on your resume

InspiredResume’s AI-powered and human-assisted Resume Assessment tool analyzes your resume and provides personalized feedback to help you optimize it for success in the job market. Get your resume assessed with expert help and gain a distinct advantage in your job search.

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Create compelling cover letters

With InspiredResume, you can easily craft persuasive cover letters that capture the attention of hiring managers. Our AI technology suggests powerful language and formatting options to ensure your cover letter makes a lasting impression. Choose a template you like to add vibrancy to your cover letter.

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Be armed with a better crafted resume with stunning designs

If you want a resume that cuts through the clutter, it’s now easy to create one. Just submit your resume and InspiredResume’s AI-powered Resume Writing tool generates well-crafted content that highlights your achievements and showcases your skills effectively. What’s more, your resume deserves to look as impressive as your qualifications. You can choose from a variety of professional templates and customize them to reflect your unique style and personality.

Prepare for success in interviews

When you get an interview call, you have to grab it with both hands.InspiredResume’s AI-powered Interview preparation tool helps you with advice and tips for interview preparation. With access to common (and complex) interview questions to effective strategies for showcasing your strengths, you will feel confident and prepared when it's time for the big day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

InspiredResume’s resume assessment gives a comprehensive analysis of your resume, starting from the way the resume is crafted to content and design improvements needed. While a bulk of the analysis is automated, your assessment comes to you only after feedback and inputs from a human expert.

As mentioned above, InspiredResume’s resume assessment is human-assisted. Hence, you can expect to get your resume assessment in 4-6 working hours.

InspiredResume’s cover letter crafting is AI-enabled and hence, once you have submitted your resume, the name of the role and the job description (JD), the cover letter is generated instantly.

  • InspiredResume’s Resume Assessment is absolutely free to use
  • InspiredResume’s Cover Letter is also free for a limited period, as a launch offer
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