Best resume templates in 2021

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Best resume templates in 2021

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Writing a resume on a word document can be really messy if you’re not well versed with margin and padding. Adjusting your content in the word and trying to make it look attractive at the same time is nearly impossible. 

Well, that’s exactly why we are blessed with resume templates. But one misconception that many people still believe is that the use of a resume template can end up getting your resume overlooked by recruiters and ATS. This is absolutely false as nowadays you will find a range of best resume templates that are ATS friendly. All you have to do is dig into some research and pick the ones best suited for your industry. 

The best resume templates should meet the below requirements to make it through: 

  • Nicely formatted and easy to read for recruiters.
  • Optimized to be ATS-compatible.
  • Designed to fit 2-3 pages on 1 without degrading the quality.
  • Simple format to highlight essential information about the candidate.
  • Attractive with or without a photo.
  • Paired with an equally good matching cover letter template is a bonus.

 So let’s see some options for the best CV templates in 2021 that meet all the criteria: 


1. Diamond

This sample is one of the best and most creative resume templates. As the name indicates, diamonds showcase the key areas on a resume: section headings, skills, and bullet points for your skills and work experience.

Hiring managers or recruiters will be feeling a sigh of relief coming across your resume, with its easy-to-read format. This template is one of the top picks for students and freshers, but this CV layout is also perfect for experienced professionals.

 And for experienced candidates with elaborate work experience, a one-page resume is not a fit sometimes. You can keep that employment timeline going by adding a second page. It only takes a couple of minutes to edit and download this great resume template and a matching cover letter template and voila, you’re done.

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2. Modern

As the name suggests, Modern is the resume template for today’s evolving job market. It's simply among the most used resume template samples. A real beauty with special features to highlight your accomplishments.

Square progress can be used to indicate your language proficiency and skill levels. You will get ribbon-style icons to highlight the subheading that will attract the HR manager's eyes to the section they need.

 Moreover, this creative resume template gives you a clean design throughout the resume with plenty of color combinations for you to explore. And get yourself a matching cover letter to complete the application. 


3. Cubic

Cubic is a high-quality resume template and a favourite for a lot of candidates too. It's super easy for hiring managers to quickly go through it and gather the important details. And, the subtle color scheme is soothing to the eyes to make your resume look clean and professional.

Your name and title take pride in place in the header, so that would be the first thing a recruiter’s going to read. Then there’s a right-hand sidebar that lets you showcase your skills, languages, and proficiency in the mentioned skills.

The best feature about this template is a two-column resume format which means that you can fit up to 35% more text on one page than in a regular resume written in Word.


4. Newscast

Newcast is a modified version of a conventional resume with a twist on a classic design and you can be sure you'll have the best resume template in the pile.

You will find a one-column format on this CV template that helps to hire managers to scan your resume by highlighting section headings with icons you choose. And the full-width layout allows enough room to market yourself in the best way possible.

 Simple but effective bar graphs visualize your hard and soft skills to help let the recruiter know what a promising candidate you are.


5. Iconic

Undoubtedly this template is one of the most downloaded CV templates for those in the field of creativity and engineering. Iconic resume templates are minimalist and structured like a resume outline, which puts your information in a uniform order. You also get enough white or plain space for your additional details. 

With the help of icons that come with this template, you can easily design subheadings and make them more attractive for the recruiter’s eye.


Picking the best template for writing a resume does not make the final call for a job role. You have to make sure everything you put on that document justifies you personally and professionally. 

Not confident yet? Upload your resume on and get expert feedback on your resume, absolutely free of cost. The feedback you receive from the professional experts can give you actionable directions to help you to stand out from the pack. 




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