What is an infographic resume? And how to create one.

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What is an infographic resume? And how to create one.

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Well, there is no debating the fact that a recruiter spends less than six seconds on a resume, even if it passes through the ATS. No matter what template you use or work on the content of the document, it comes out a bit monotonous to the reader. While working on resume writing for various professions, we came across the word infographic resume. But what is exactly an infographic resume? 

After some research, here is the answer to it. 

An infographic resume is a type of resume that uses graphic elements to present information about the document in a more interesting and compelling way. They have an advantage over the regular resume, as they are visually appealing and easily attract attention. But one has to be really careful with the illustrations, and not overpower the real information on the CV. 

Is an infographic resume suitable for everyone?

Infographic resumes do sound fun and interesting over traditional resumes that have been in the market for a really long. But it is not appropriate for all industry types. Research it thoroughly before jumping into the trend. On the other hand, people working in creative industries see this as an opportunity to sell themselves with graphics and design skills. But that doesn't necessarily mean they know how to create a good resume. It is better to keep in mind to have an ATS scannable resume copy of your infographic resume. 

So now you have an idea about this type of creative resume. Here comes the execution part. The question of the hour is how to create one. We have mentioned a few steps below to successfully create your first infographic resume. Read till the end.  


  1. Collect all the information

This step is applicable to the normal CV as well. Collect and frame all your data points rightly to add to your resume. Maybe draft it on a paper or docs first to avoid missing out on any important information. If you need help building structure for your resume, read the blog on how to frame your resume thoroughly. This additional step will give a nice framework for your design elements. 

  1. Pick a template

Not everyone has a creative eye. And it’s completely up to you if you want to build your document from scratch. Honestly, for your first infographic resume, it is better to go for a template. There are various websites like Canva, and Piktochart, where you can easily just log in and get access to a resume template to work on. 

Here are free templates worth having a look at: Canva Resume Maker

  1. Give a personal touch to the design

A template is a good first step, but it is usually not customized according to your job role. Design plays a pivotal role in making an impression. If your work requires you to be a serious professional, having a vibrant or funky document will not be a good idea. That’s why it is highly advisable to do your own research first before proceeding with an infographic resume. Pick out a sober colour combination that highlights the key information.

Infographic resume 1

  1. Explore the graphic elements  

Let’s see how one can create eye-catching sections for the resume.

Headline: The headline is supposed to be big and clear. Followed by a short description of 2-3 lines about yourself. This section is quite relevant, so use a bold font in Black to grab the eyes. 

Experience: Similarly, decide how you want to convey a message to the recruiter. Use a progression chart to showcase your years of experience with the company name. 

Skills: Well, the skills section is something that requires the most attention. Use a graph or chart to show how good you are in different skills. The faster they know about your capabilities, the longer they will spend time on your resume.

Infographic resume 2

  1. Feedback and assessment

When you are happy with your first draft, share the pdf with your friends, family, and colleagues in similar roles to have a look and give you honest feedback. Proofreading the resume gives confidence and who is better than an expert to give a resume assessment? Share your infographic resume with InspiredResume.com and get a detailed analysis of your resume on the same day - for free.


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