How to identify if you’re qualified for the job role?

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How to identify if you’re qualified for the job role?

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How exactly does a candidate look for a job? He/She is probably spending hours on the job portals seeking the most suitable role according to his/her qualifications. But in the haste of securing a job, most of the candidates forget to check even if they are the right fit for the position. They just endlessly apply for jobs in the hope of receiving an interview call. And that should not be the case. It is an absolute waste of time to apply for jobs without doing proper research. Your applications are just getting lost in the pile. 

In this article, we will explain how to identify if you’re qualified for the job role. There is a bonus tip for you at the end.

Start with analyzing the job listing first

A job listing basically gives the entire information a candidate might require to know about the job role. The points expected to be seen are a little information about the organization, desired qualifications, job responsibilities, and lastly, how to apply for the job. So, it’s up to a candidate to take up some time and analyze the job description carefully and try to understand what employers are looking for in the right candidate. 


Sort out your qualifications

After analyzing the listing properly, the next step is to make a connection between your skills and requirements for that particular job role. If a job posting is well-written and detailed, you might get a sense of what exactly an employer is expecting from the desired candidate.

Note the keywords describing skills, qualities, or experiences that the employer has mentioned in the description. Also, don’t forget to check the job duties and responsibilities from their official website, and if you are capable of successfully carrying them out. Not just the position, but the work culture in that company also matters a lot. Research and connect with the leaders of the company, to understand their vision for the brand. And if you seem interested in their motives, and can see yourself working on it for the long term, you can go ahead with the application.

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Now check your resume

Ok, so now you see yourself as a fit for the job. But does your resume speak the same? Once you gather all the information from the job advertisement, see how many points in your resume match the description. Now try to elevate those points by adding more value and showcase yourself as an asset to the organization. Carefully add all the achievements and experiences that are relevant to the position you are applying for. 

Whenever possible, point to the positive results or recognition you received while working in the previous companies. For example, if that job requires strong data reading skills, you might say. While working as a campaign head, I increased the website’s monthly subscription from 100 to 250, in a span of three months. 

Resume assessment

So now everything is set. After analyzing the job position, requirements, your skills, you seem like a perfect candidate. But is your resume ready for further proceedings? All the details mentioned for that one position, is industry appropriate? Well, that’s when the part of the assessment comes in handy. The bonus tip here is to make your document get reviewed by experts and get an honest opinion about it. Upload your resume on and receive a detailed resume assessment on the same day. For free. The personalized feedback will help you frame your resume better, and secure that dream job of yours. 


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