8 points for IT professionals to make their resume stand out

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8 points for IT professionals to make their resume stand out

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A perfect resume is more about standing out than just an ideal format. The resume you submit speaks for itself. A lot of thinking and planning has to go into the details you share on your resume these days. And if you’re from an IT background, let’s not forget the competition. To make your resume shine among the pile of resumes, you better start reviewing your resume asap. Here are a few pointers that will help you to format a resume for IT professionals in 2021: 

An evocative summary:

A summary is going to be the first thing recruiters are going to notice. In 3-4 lines, give them an overview of the accomplishments you scored while managing your previous roles. 

Summary tip: Mention your most recent accomplishments, that you’re really proud of. 

Technical skills:

For a resume in the technical profession, you must add a section that highlights your skills in Information Technology. Different departments in the tech world such as Operating Systems, Software Information, Computer languages, and Computer Networking must be included to showcase your tech-savvy side. You have to add major details in your field of expertise.

Moreover, don’t forget to mention different versions that you have gained experience in, for example, Linux, Windows, or Ubuntu. You should also mention the computer languages that are quite essential for an IT expert like Java, Python, C++, Visual Basic, Adobe, etc. Also, you can highlight your knowledge in databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.

Technical tip: Additional degrees or certifications from any outside source will add value to the resume.

Work experience:

Work experience is the heart and soul of a resume. How you articulate your work experience goes a long way in getting the attention of the recruiters. When recruiters are hiring for tech positions, they not only look at your skills but also how you have grown from role to role and the individual contribution you have made in each of your roles. Employers emphasize the most on your job history and prior accomplishments to make you a promising candidate. Mention the job titles you’ve held and the responsibilities you managed on those job roles. Make sure that this information is easy to read and understand, as it holds the most valuable information. 

Work experience tip: Include measurable results wherever possible. 

Proper formatting:

Most candidates make mistakes in the professional formatting of their resumes. The correct size of the font, bold heading, and subheadings, can create a beautiful visual impression of your resume. Also, adding bullets and points will emphasize the focus without using too many words. Having said that, do take care not to over-design your resume with colors, multiple fonts, and excessive use of tables. 

Formatting tip: Use black color font on a white background to make it look sharp and clean.

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Avoid common errors:

To achieve excellence in writing your resume, you have to make sure to avoid all the common mistakes. A resume is used as a means of business communication. So it must be concise. Attention to little details is the key. Try to use articles and pronouns as minimum as possible. 

Avoiding error tip: Proofread your resume with a friend or colleague

Add education and certifications:

When you have accumulated more than 6-8 years of experience, education plays less of a role in the selection process, unless the position you are applying for requires a certain degree. For example, if a role requires you to hold a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree, the education section becomes important. If you are starting out or have less than 3 years of experience, education plays an important role, especially if your college is a reputed one or you have achieved something extraordinary during your college days. 

However, if you have done any additional education in the IT field, adding certifications and honors will increase your credibility. 

Education tip: Employers love people who are constantly learning new skills. Add the certifications that you have attained after your formal education. 

Relevant keywords and skills:

It is vital that you add relevant skills into your resume, from the beginning of your headline to a separate section. Analyze the job description carefully and see which hard and soft skills are mentioned in the job roles. Anything that is required or mentioned several times is the keyword you are looking for. 

Keywords tip: Highlight your skills in the form of keywords throughout the resume. 

Polish your grammar:

Resume writing is quite different from any usual writing. It is easy to forget the flow and get confused with the tense to use. Be careful with the use of tenses and pronouns. For a career in the technical department, it is always better to keep an eye open for details. So make sure that your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors. 

Grammar tip: Use Grammarly or any other free tool to check your sentence formation.

Bonus tip: 

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