Best ways to answer “Why do you want to work with us”?

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Best ways to answer “Why do you want to work with us”?

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An expected question during all interviews is, “Why do you want to work with us?” or “Why do you want this job?” Not every candidate finds it an easy question to answer. No matter how much you advise people, they often forget to do in-depth research or prepare well for the interview. 

Preparing beforehand for questions like these is extremely important. You don’t want to make yourself sound like a non-serious candidate with little to no preparation. 

What does the interviewer actually want to know?

This question can actually have two interpretations. First, the candidate might think that the hiring manager wants to learn more about the job role and responsibilities, expected to be taken care of. The manager wants to see if your personality and goals match their requirement or not. 

And another one is actually more about getting a sense of how much you know about the company, its work, and its mission. It’s just a formal way of asking, “What do you know about us?” The interviewer wishes to see some efforts and initiatives taken by the interviewee to learn about the company and what made him/her apply for it. 

Follow these steps to correctly answer "Why do you want to work with us?":

1. Research company before job application

The interviewer asks this basic question to find out if the candidate has done some kind of preparation or not. A brief knowledge about the company and about the requirements of the job for which you are interviewing is mandate info. Your answer should demonstrate that you have researched the company in-depth and have a sound knowledge of its business philosophy, work achievements, partners, products and services, and company vision. Your answer should also be able to show your understanding of what they are looking for in candidates.

2. Follow social media platforms

An online presence says a lot about a person or a company. Visit their official social media accounts and see what types of posts they publish and engage with. Analyze the published or shared content for industry professionals, and make a note of it. Check their following and go through their comment section to see how they interact with the audience, competitors, and clients. 

3. Re-read the job description

The job description gives you a fair amount of ideas on the job role and the company’s expectations from their desired candidate. So just before the interview, it is good to go through the description once again. Refresh your mind with the responsibilities that you might have mentioned during the job application process. Check if there are any online reviews on glassdoor from ex-employees about the position of the company. Make a mental note of the mentioned things and use them during the interview process. 

Things to avoid while answering "Why do you want to work for us?

- Avoid generic answers that every other candidate will say. 

- Try not to fidget during the interview.

- Avoid unnecessary humor. 

- Don't be underconfident about your answer. The interviewer can catch you at a glance. 

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Sample answers for "Why do you want to work with us?"

Below are a few example answers to this interview question to help you customize your own:

Example 1

"I have been in the customer service field for over 15 years. While going through your website, I came to know that you have followed the growth of your business from a regional startup to a multinational company. That requires persistence and a huge commitment to maintaining high work standards. I would love a work environment where I can thrive and bring my expertise to become a valuable asset to the company.

My years of experience as a customer service manager and my communication and leadership skills make me a good fit for the Head of Customer Service. I do wish to work for a company like this and grow in my professional career.” 

Example 2

"I always wanted to work with a company that values employees’ mental health and well-being as a part of professional life. I have seen some instituting policies on your company website that help empower your employees. For the past decade, there has been a major investment in skill development programs, mentorship programs, and ongoing education programs to help career growth professionally as well as on an individual level. By joining your team I wish to grow my career the same way and to have more opportunities to work on exciting projects.”

Example 3

"As you already know, I come from a technical background. So I have used your software as well for over ten years, and I am impressed by your company's technical expertise. You focus on innovation and invention to provide your customers with a great UX. There are not many issues with the operating system, but the few times I did, I called your customer service and they were prompt in resolving those. Once I even got a chance to speak to the Engineers working with your company at industry seminars and they mentioned how much they enjoy being with your company and love the opportunity to work on cool projects.

So, when I came to know about an opening for a Software developer at your organization, I immediately applied. Honestly, even to get an interview call from your company is a big deal for me, and I hope I get an opportunity to work with you."

Hope this article covers all your confusion while answering the most basic interview question, "Why do you want to work with us?". 


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