Best answers to - “Why Should You Be Hired For This Role?”

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Best answers to - “Why Should You Be Hired For This Role?”

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There are some generic yet important questions asked in every interview. One of them being ‘Why should we hire you’ or ‘why should you be hired for this role?’

It can be difficult to answer this question spontaneously. So it is always advisable to prepare your answer beforehand.

Instead of just some boring responses, try following the steps in this article to frame your answer better. Also, take some clues from the examples mentioned below.

3 steps for answering “Why Should You Be Hired For This Role?”

Break down your answer in 3 simple steps to answer the question. And you’ll definitely see an effective response. 

  1. First of all, be confident

It’s no brainer that you need to seem really confident while presenting yourself to the interviewer. You don’t have to act like you’re perfect at every responsibility they have mentioned in their job description. But you have to speak through your body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice, that you’re quite sure and confident about the basic skills needed for that particular role and that you are also open to learning whatever you’re missing after the onboarding process.

  1. Talk specifically about key strengths

Just because you have a lot more skills in your background that doesn’t mean you need to mention all of them. A long and boring sales pitch is not what they are looking for, so be picky with what you choose to speak about. After analyzing the job description carefully, pick out the best ones that suit your skills and present them before them. 

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  1. Why are you a great fit for the role?

You have an idea of what the hiring manager wants and needs in a candidate after analyzing the job description. Next, you need to point out the best-suited pieces of your career history for their company and the tasks you’ll be performing in that job role.

Interviewers already know about you. They might have liked something on your resume, else they wouldn’t have invited you to have a job interview. So when they ask, “Tell me why we should hire you?”, they probably already have an idea and just want to check if you think the same about those skills and responsibilities.

So give your 100% in convincing them that you’ll be able to succeed in this role and start contributing quickly to the organization.

Let’s jump into some examples to answer " Why should you be hired for this role?": 

Example 1

“You mentioned in the job description that you’re looking for someone who is up to managing a team of 8-10 people, and who has a solid understanding of social media marketing. I’ve had more than 8 years of experience as a head of social media marketing, managing a team of my own. My goal at work is to always keep up with the trend and share it with all the team members. In my previous roles, I’ve been able to surpass my annual goals. I have a strong background in social media marketing, with specialized courses. My last campaign was a huge success that grew our social media following by 1000%.”

Example 2

“Looking at the job description, it looks like you need an experienced Data Analyst who can organize some of the new processes and data that your department is receiving. In my previous company, I led the DA team and worked on setting up our entire data analysis process from scratch. We ended up using our internal data to save 26% on advertising costs the following year. So I can actually use my expertise in this job role too. That’s why I’d make a good candidate for this position. Also, I’m a bit of an organization geek, and love writing SOPs and documents. So when I say there’s a requirement for that in this role, too, I knew I would be a great fit”.

Example 3

“I have worked as a Software tester with some great companies like TCS and HCL Technologies and they have given me first-hand experience of working in the field of testing. In my past role, I worked on several critical manual and automated software testing projects, which gave me an opportunity to learn and explore. I was also honored to lead several projects for which I even got rewarded and recognized. To sum up, I have about 6 years of experience in the domain. And that’s why I look up to your organization to give me a chance in my preferred domain.”

Closing thoughts

In an effort to stand out while pitching why they should be hired, candidates often convince themselves that they have to self-praise and make big statements.

Impressing a hiring manager or recruiter isn’t about being overly boisterous. It’s simply showing them you’re serious about the role, responsibilities and how they make you unique, and how you plan to use them to add value and fit for the functioning of the company.

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