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Customized resume for customer service professionals

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Customer service representatives are the face of a business, engaging with customers on the phone, via emails, social media, or sometimes in person. The customer service employees manage large amounts of calls to represent the company, as they are the first point of communication between the customer and the company. These representatives work on key responsibilities like – orders taking, registering customer complaints, following the communication script, identifying customer needs, answering customer queries, researching every issue, giving descriptions of products, services and collecting information related to the company.

But we all know that as the field grows, so does the competition. If you are willing to make a career in customer service, it’s important to ensure that your resume is completely professional and stands out from the rest of the applicants.

So how do you write a customer service resume to impress the recruiters?

Follow the tips below to customize your customer service resume effectively and stand out from the pack: 

Prepare for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Nowadays, the majority of hiring managers use an Applicant Tracking System or ATS. This automated software scans resumes and picks the one best suited. An ATS reduces the workload of the human recruiters going through dozens of resumes. Companies may receive hundreds of applications for a single job role; it’s simply more practical to automate at least the initial stage of the hiring process.

In order to get your resume past the ATS and reach the recruiter’s eyes, you need to use the right format and keywords suitable for the customer service profession. Poorly formatted or incorrect keywords might cause the ATS to not let your resume pass instead of being qualified for the role.

Customize Your Resume for customer service professional

Job title or designation terms are the most common keywords that ATS and recruiters use. If your job title isn’t the same as the job opening is titled, but they are similar work profiles, it is advisable to list both job titles on your CV.

For example, the opening could be for a role like “Customer Service Manager.” You may have your most recent position listed as a “Senior Customer Agent.” Technically an ATS that is programmed well should recognize the match. But in case it’s not well programmed, for a safer side you might want to list your job title as “Customer Service Manager.”

Add customer service keywords like a people person, problem-solving skills, communication skills, product knowledge, responsible, call center, fast-paced learner, resolve matters quickly, detail-oriented, etc. The keywords and phrases you should mention really depend on the job description. Examine it carefully and identify the potential keywords to incorporate in your CV.

Resume Skills for Customer Service

The most relevant skills for a customer service job can be divided majorly into two categories: hard/technical skills -that center around processes, and soft skills that are more personality-based.

One of the key aspects employers look for in a person working in the customer service field is to be available to work round the clock. There are many MNCs working in different time zones, providing customer service in different languages. It can boost your chances of selection if you are comfortable with shifts and time zones. You can also highlight other soft skills like effective communication, sincere listening quality, empathy, friendliness, effective time management, and easy conflict resolution.

However, your focus should be on the hard/technical skills if you’re more confident about the work done in the previous job roles. Think of the software you’ve used, your typing or language skills, and your tech abilities. Then choose the skills that suit you the best with the new job you want. Being relevant is most important in all parts of the resume, but specifically so in the skills section. Employers want to know the skills that will add value to their company.


Resume for Customer Service: Work Experience

The experience section is typically the second most important section in a resume after skills. This section can come under Work Experience, Professional Career, or simply, Experience. Each piece of experience should be listed in reverse chronological order: start with your most recent job first and work your way backward in time through your other jobs.

If you have worked in customer service, share and focus your experience on the resume. Shift your education section below your work experience section, unless you’ve completed your graduation recently.

Try and quantify your achievements in the best way possible; use percentages, measurements, and time to show what you’ve achieved and how it benefited the company. Numbers are really powerful and help potential employers to see your value as a candidate.

In case you don’t have adequate customer service experience, you can give them examples of work performance that could help you to get customer service jobs. Collect all your experiences in prior job roles that correlate with the hard and soft skills mentioned in the skills section. Many positions involve customer service skills, even if the role isn’t specifically categorized under a customer service role, so mention those skills on the resume.

Here’s an example: Alex worked as a salesperson and was looking to make a shift into a customer service career. When writing the experience section of his resume, he thought about the skills he developed as a salesperson that could be beneficial in customer service. In the experience section, he can add bullet points focused on highlighting performance that demonstrated his successful convincing skills, digital skills, adaptability, and responsiveness. 

Education and Certifications

Where you want to put your education section on your resume largely depends on the stage you’re at in your career. If you’re looking for an entry-level resume and you have a bachelor’s or diploma, your education should be added to the very top of your resume, right after your resume headline or objective. Start with your highest degree first, and make sure to include which type of degree you earned, your major, the university name, and its location.

The customer service profession expects you to be multilingual. It just works as an added bonus if you know more than two languages. You can list all the languages spoken in this section. Also, you can add your proficiency in a number of different styles. Like, “Fluent in English; Intermediate level in French.”

Whether or not you’ll need specific certifications is somewhat based on the type of customer service position you’re applying for. Most customer service jobs don’t require any specific certification or course, but they can be nice to have. Technical support customer service roles may require some kind of certifications. 

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